Nautilus Medical in collaboration with Google Cloud Technology Partner program is releasing a more robust image exchange and DICOM and patient information storage and distribution system.

The release will be available at the 2017 RSNA Show at Chicago's McCormick Place November 26th-30th.

As one of the largest exchange providers, Nautilus Medical is utilizing the broad technology within Google services to provide a comprehensive image management platform that is used by hundreds of imaging sites today.

"Our focus is to bring best in breed services, speed and security to the healthcare market in a platform that anyone can use without the typical high expense and lack of features," says Nautilus CEO Timothy Kelley.  He continued, "Our customers don't have concerns over security, large upfront costs and lengthy commitments."

Nautilus' easy to use medical information exchange solutions utilize hardware signatures, key strokes, and mouse movements to create unique private keys that ensures foolproof data security.

The company's million-dollar insurance policy for breach protection is testimony to their security capability. An extensive number of features are included that quickly improve workflow and the ability of caregivers to assemble and distribute patient images and data easily.

With built-in routing, editing, and anonymization features, Nautilus improves communication between caregivers and patients. Utilizing their 'print to DICOM' feature, users can print documents, reports, or images of various types as a DICOM file into a patient folder to ensure a complete view of the patient.  

The relationship between Nautilus and Google will deliver more capabilities to more sites including underserved professionals in offices that could use this powerful platform, but do not have a budget for more expensive offerings.

Nautilus' pay-per-use model is very attractive to facilities and individuals looking to reduce cost while not sacrificing quality.

For more information about the new collaboration, come visit us at Google Cloud booth 8161 at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago from November 26 to December 1.

Healthcare Tech Outlook recently named Nautilus Medical "Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Providers – 2017" since Nautilus will have a vital impact on medical imaging for saving cost, speed to care, security and ease of use. Nautilus software is used by more than 700 sites with thousands of users including 33 of the top 50 medical centers in the US.