Jenny will combine ventilation and multi-parameter monitoring, and defibrillation in a single point-of-care device, as an all-in-one solution


Masimo pulse oximeter that measures haemoglobin and respiration rate. (Credit: Wikipedia/LeWikiEdit)

Germany-based medical equipment distributor MS Westfalia (MSW) has partnered with Masimo to integrate the latter’s technologies into its ready-to-use hybrid platform Jenny.

Masimo is a medical technology company that offers monitoring technologies, including advanced measurements, sensors, patient monitors, and automation and connectivity solutions.

The collaboration is aimed at helping clinicians to evaluate brain function, oxygenation, ventilation, and resuscitation status using MSW’s Jenny platform, integrated with Masimo’s technologies.

Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani said: “It’s great to see MSW’s commitment to incorporating our full suite of noninvasive, continuous measurements into their all-in-one modular Jenny platform. We are happy to be able to help MSW accomplish its wonderful mission.”

MSW will add Masimo SedLine, O3 Regional Oximetry, and ORi to its Jenny platform

Jenny modular monitoring device has been previously integrated with Masimo non-invasive, continuous rainbow SET measurements, including total hemoglobin, SpHb and Masimo sidestream and mainstream NomoLine capnography.

Under the current partnership, MSW intends to add Masimo Next Generation SedLine Brain Function Monitoring, O3 Regional Oximetry, and Oxygen Reserve Index (ORi) to Jenny platform.

The SedLine technology facilitates monitoring of the brain under anaesthesia, with bilateral data acquisition and processing of EEG signals and an enhanced patient state index (PSi).

The O3 Regional Oximetry is used to monitor cerebral oxygenation, when pulse oximetry alone fails to measure the oxygen in brain. ORi is a non-invasive and continuous parameter that provides insight into the oxygen reserve of patients, who are receiving supplemental oxygen.

MSW said that the integration will make its Jenny platform more versatile and comprehensive monitoring solution, for use in different areas of care, including ICU and OR, along with EMS and military settings.

MSW CEO Eugen Kagan said: “Our company’s mission is to save lives and improve quality of life for our patients. For more than 25 years, our goal has been to develop products that assist healthcare providers in the hospital and pre-hospital markets by helping to improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction and workflow efficiency, while lowering the cost of healthcare.

“We accomplish this by developing revolutionary approaches to new product development and by partnering with best-in-class partners like Masimo so we may meet the needs of a constantly changing healthcare landscape.