MSI Surgical Solutions said that the ETO machines are critical in the sterilization of both disposable and reusable items made of rubber or paper products, items that are sensitive to heat or moisture and medical device components including probes, scopes, tubes, cords, wires and leads.

MSI partners with hospitals and ambulatory centers throughout the Tri-State area, providing FDA regulated contract sterilization solutions. Additionally, MSI provides contract sterilization services to OEMs and distributors of medical devices, supplies and components.

MSI Surgical Solutions claimed that the investment is an example of the commitment by Empire to support the growth of its portfolio companies. Empire invests in its companies in all facets including through improvements in infrastructure, technology, human capital, research and development and the purchase of capital goods.

David Alfonso, chairman and chief executive officer of Empire, said: “This expansion is a part of MSI’s growth initiative. It was necessary to invest in new equipment to create additional capacity to meet the needs of our customers. In fact, MSI continues to bring in new business as healthcare companies continue to move away from maintaining this capability in-house.”