Voice-activated Care Service Supports Remote Caregivers and Keeps Independent Older Adults Safer, More Connected; Now with Contactless Install, No WiFi Needed


Aloe Care Essentials for older adults. (Credit: Aloe Care Health.)

Aloe Care Health, the most advanced voice-activated medical alert and communication service for elder care, introduces Aloe Care Essentials, an accessible new offering featuring contactless set-up to align with COVID-19 safety protocols. In March, the company fast-tracked production of Essentials, responding to heightened demand for ways to keep elders safer, more connected to their family and professional care teams, and living independently.

A recent New York Times investigation reported that deaths related to COVID-19 in long-term care facilities account for more than 42 percent of the country’s pandemic fatalities, and noted nursing home populations are at a high risk of being infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“We solve three critical challenges for independent older adults and their care teams: safety, connection, and peace-of-mind,” said Ray Spoljaric, CEO and Co-founder of Aloe Care Health. “COVID-19 has underscored these deep needs, as well as the importance of contactless set-up. Aloe Care Essentials meets the needs of our time with an accessible, effective safety net — effortlessly employed.”

Aloe Care also currently offers a Total Care home set-up that adds automatic, wearable-free fall detection and additional environmental and motion sensors to the service. Total Care is a DIY system for the more tech-savvy caregiver.

Multiple strategic partners have lined up to include Aloe Care in their consumer offerings, including: Home Care providers, Personal Emergency Response (PERS) distributors, and certified Home Safety Specialists. Aloe Care is also available for purchase directly by consumers.

Source: Company Press Release