The Japanese Patent Office has issued a patent covering claims related to Motus GI's product, the Pure-Vu System, a medical device that cleanses the colon intra-procedurally to facilitate enhanced visualization during a colonoscopy procedure to allow a quality exam and has demonstrated effective cleaning in hundreds of procedures.

Motus GI CEO Mark Pomeranz said: “The need to improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of inpatient colonoscopy procedures is a global issue. While our immediate focus continues to be on market development and preparation for commercial launch of the Pure-Vu System for inpatient colonoscopy in the US, we believe Japan is a key international market for future commercial expansion.

“Our goal is to make the Pure-Vu System the standard of care for inpatient colonoscopy procedures worldwide, and we are pleased to see our global IP portfolio continue to expand rapidly.”

Motus GI is currently focused on post-approval clinical trials and pilot commercial evaluations of the Pure-Vu System with leading U.S. hospitals in preparation for a commercial launch in the US and select international markets in 2019 focused on the inpatient, hospital-based colonoscopy market where challenges with bowel prep slow diagnosis, diminish the quality of care, and add significant costs for hospitals.

Challenges with bowel preparation for inpatient colonoscopy represent a significant area of unmet need that directly affects clinical outcomes and the cost of care in a market that comprises nearly 4 million annual procedures worldwide.

Published studies have found that the inpatient population has high rates of insufficiently prepped colons, which can lead to significantly longer hospital stays and other additional costs.

This is exemplified in a recently published study from Northwestern University Hospital System which showed an average hospital stay extension of two days and cost increase of as much as $8,000 per patient as a result of challenges associated with bowel preparation.

Motus GI believes that the Pure-Vu System may potentially reduce healthcare costs by reliably and predictably moving patients through the hospital system to a successful examination.

Source: Company Press Release