Molex Incorporated has added new products to its MediSpec interconnect technologies portfolio.

Molex medical strategic marketing manager Anthony Kalaijakis said the company is committed to develop technologies that directly serve medical device manufacturers seeking design flexibility and product efficiency, which ultimately mean better patient care.

"As a leader in the convergence of electronic product integration into medical applications, we have doubled down on efforts to advance development of technologies for patient monitoring, minimally invasive surgery, medication delivery and other highly specialized healthcare needs," Kalaijakis added.

In addition, for the expansion of the electronics business, the company has purchased Affinity Medical Technologies, which specializes in customized interconnects for next-generation healthcare devices.

Molex said the new products will be unveiled at MD&M being held at , Minneapolis, Minnesota,US, from 31 October-November 1 2012.

Other Molex products on display include Capacitive Fluid Level Sensors, MediSpec Hybrid Circular MT Cable and Receptacle System, MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular Connector system, MediSpec Molded Interconnect Device/Laser Direct Structuring (MID/LDS) capabilities, Mini-Fit Plus High-Mating Cycle, Fiber Optic Product Families, Copper Flexible Circuit Products and Capacitive switches.