MobileHelp, a leader in Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (M-PERS) solutions, announced the launch of its MobileHelp Connect online portal, accessible to subscribers, their family or other authorized caregivers through the company’s website.

MobileHelp Connect provides a secure log-in site for the company’s customers and caregivers to virtually track and manage aspects related to the customer’s health. It provides user-authorized family members, friends or health care providers with a way to virtually check in with the MobileHelp customer.

Also, new applications such as Medication Reminders (available 1Q 2014) and Activity Monitoring (available 2Q 2014) will provide users a way to manage medication schedules and track activity levels and trends over time, aiding in management of the subscriber’s health.

"The MobileHelp Connect site was created to serve as a main connection hub for our MobileHelp customers and the family members or caregivers they choose," said Robert Flippo, MobileHelp CEO. "It also empowers our customers with the tools they need to help take control of their own health management."

MobileHelp Connect works in conjunction with the company’s M-PERS devices, including the company’s new Fall Button automatic fall detection pendant.

Key features of the new MobileHelp Connect include:

• Automatic Notification – should a customer experience an emergency, a notification is automatically sent to the authorized family member or caregiver via text message, email or both, containing details on the event and how it was resolved, with more detailed information available on the MobileHelp Connect site. Information can then also be shared by the customer with healthcare providers or other caregivers to provide more detailed health record information.

• Location Requests – authorized caregivers can locate a customer who is carrying their MobileHelp M-PERS Mobile Device with this online feature. Utilizing GPS technology, the current location of the Mobile Device will be displayed on a map allowing caregivers to see the location.

• Medication Reminders Application (1Q 2014) – allows the customer, along with their family and other caregivers, to better manage their medications. This application provides the ability to view medication information, set medication schedules and push out medication reminders through the MobileHelp cellular base station.

• Activity Monitoring Application (2Q 2014) – in conjunction with the new MobileHelp Fall Button™ automatic fall detection pendant, MobileHelp Connect also features monitoring, which tracks the activity levels of the wearer on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis – and compares them over time.