Mobile MIM is used for remote diagnostic viewing of CT, PET, MRI, and SPECT images on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The Mobile MIM App is free to download and includes sample images to demonstrate its functionality.

Physicians and other medical professionals can download images to the device using MIMcloud, an Internet-based service which allows secure upload and download of encrypted medical data.

MIM Software CTO Mark Cain said the app gives physicians and doctors anytime, anywhere access to important scans, raising the bar for efficiency, convenience, and patient care.

The Mobile MIM App is designed as a thick client, which means the data is downloaded to the device for viewing and to secure the protected health information, Mobile MIM provides ‘at rest’ encryption through the use of a passcode and 128-bit AES encryption from within the app using SSL encryption.

Mobile MIM features data set interaction using standard tools, such as zoom, pan, window and level, displays volumetric data with multi-planar reconstruction and allows the physician to measure distance and intensity values, annotate, and display regions of interest.