Gyros Protein Technologies, a pioneer in automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays and leading provider of peptide synthesizers and reagents, announced today it has introduced a new host cell protein (HCP) kit for automated impurity analysis of biotherapeutics expressed in E. coli systems.


Image: Gyros Protein Technologies has launched Gyrolab E. coli HCP kit for automated impurity analysis of biotherapeutics. Photo: courtesy of ponsulak /

The new kit is optimized for use in Gyrolab® systems and has been developed as part of a licensing and supply agreement with Cygnus Technologies (part of Maravai LifeSciences), incorporating their industry standard E. coli HCP antibodies and other reagents.

Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit quantifies HCP impurities from E. coli expression systems used in the production of biotherapeutics, a critical step in ensuring the efficacy and safety of the drug molecule. As the latest addition to the growing menu of ready-to-use kits, the new kit is a key tool for the automated analysis of bioprocess samples, offering further support to customers working in biotherapeutics process development and manufacturing.

Gyros Protein Technologies has established expertise in bioprocess development, through its Gyrolab platforms and ready-to-use kits for CHO-HCP, Protein A impurity analyses, and IgG titer determinations.

Gyrolab systems provide automated immunoassays for impurities such as HCPs, with a fast turn-around time, broad dynamic ranges and high reproducibility, making it an ideal technology to support all phases of biotherapeutic bioprocess development and production.

Jasmine Gruia-Gray, SVP Marketing, Gyros Protein Technologies, commented: “Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit is a valuable addition to our growing portfolio of bioprocess kits, which help our customers to rapidly achieve critical analytical answers.

“This kit highlights our continued investment in expanded applications for the industry-leading Gyrolab systems, which are increasingly being adopted by customers to improve analytical output and workflow productivity.”

Source: Company Press Release