Automobi has been established to commercialise the Novodiag platform and infectious disease assays in the Greater China territory.

Initially, the joint venture will be responsible for the registration of the Novodiag platform and first assays with the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). It will also set up local facilities in China to manufacture certain Novodiag components and disposables, for the Greater China territory.

In December 2018, both the companies Mobidiag and Autobio jointly agreed to invest £11m for the establishment of Automobi in China. Autobio invested £7m in cash to hold 65% stake in the joint venture, while Mobidiag invested £3.8m for 35% interest.

Under the partnership terms, Automobi has secured an exclusive license from Mobidiag to commercialise the Novodiag platform and selected human infectious disease assays for China.

Autobio chairman Yongjun Miao said: “We are confident of the combined multiplex real-time PCR together with microarray technologies that applied in IVD diagnostics of infectious diseases, allowing sample-to-result analysis in a disposable cartridge.

“We will work jointly to complete the registration required by local regulations with the aim of introducing the market with better products and serving human health with better assays.”

The Novodiag platform is an advanced molecular diagnostics solution that allows fully automated detection of infectious diseases, including antibiotic resistances. It is designed to combine real-time PCR and microarray technologies, to facilitate analysis of samples placed in a disposable cartridge.

In addition, the platform allows comprehensive screening of multiple or single pathogens within one hour, and help clinicians with time-critical decisions, early treatments and avoid the spread of infection.

In December last year, Autobio invested approximately £9m in Mobidiag for the development of its product portfolio, and speed up the development of further assays for the Novodiag system.

Mobidiag CEO Tuomas Tenkanen said: “We are very excited to announce the official launch of Automobi. We have found the ideal partner in Autobio and are confident that together we will be able to bring easy-to-operate, multi-target molecular diagnostics and innovative syndromic diagnostic panels to the growing Chinese market with affordable price.”