Mobelife, a materialise company specializing in customized implant design and production for challenging bone and joint reconstruction surgery, announced a collaboration with Exactech Australia, which will bring Mobelife’s complete portfolio of custom implants to the Australian market.

Included in this portfolio is Mobelife’s solution for complex glenoid reconstructions in the shoulder, named Glenius.

As the exclusive independent distributor of Exactech Inc. in the Australian market, Exactech Australia is dedicated to providing innovative products and intuitive instrumentation as well as delivering on Exactech’s promise of being "Surgeon focused, patient driven". Through their partnership with Mobelife, Exactech Australia will be able to expand their innovative portfolio of hip and shoulder solutions to specialist surgeons in Australia.

Of key importance to Mobelife is that this partnership will maintain the close and dynamic collaboration between the surgeon and Mobelife’s expert team, a key aspect in the design process of both aMace and Glenius hip and shoulder implants, which is completely personalized to both the patient and surgeon.

Tim Clijmans, co-founder and CEO of Mobelife and Director of Global Clinical Direct Sales at Materialise, states, "Mobelife is proud to offer all-in-one unique solutions matching the patient’s anatomy and pathology as well as the surgeon’s needs in many countries, so it is exciting to now be bringing our full portfolio to Australian surgeons and their patients with Exactech Australia. Given Exactech’s leadership in upper-extremities, it is especially exciting to collaborate with its distributor to bring our novel shoulder reconstruction solution to the region."

Oliver Johannessen, General Manager of Exactech Australia says, "As a company founded by an orthopedic surgeon, Exactech is uniquely attuned to addressing the clinical challenges that surgeons face. Mobelife’s customized acetabular revision and glenoid reconstruction implants answer today’s surgeon needs for an increasing amount of complex surgeries and thereby complement our drive to improve patient outcomes. We look forward to bringing Mobelife’s innovative implant portfolio directly to surgeons and their patients in Australia."