The Medical Oncology Association of Southern California (MOASC) has entered into a collaboration agreement with Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions to improve quality, costs, accessibility of cancer care.

Under the agreeement, Cardinal Health will work with MOASC to develop a steering committee including MOASC oncologists to identify evidence-based treatment regimens, or clinical pathways, in order to deliver the best possible patient care for breast, colon and lung cancers.

Cardinal Health will also provide educational programs, technology, tools, and training to help participating practices to implement and monitor use of the treatment pathways, and to track clinical results and cost savings of the program.

MOASC Contracting Network president Robert Moss said as they work on their members’ behalf to ensure oncologists are fairly reimbursed for the quality care they provide to patients, they must also find ways to remove unnecessary costs from the health care system.

"By helping our members to develop and implement cancer care pathways, this partnership can help us accomplish both of those goals, while ensuring that oncologists have a clear voice in the future of patient care," Moss said.