MMI-USA, a subsidiary of Memometal Technologies, a France-based company into the manufacture and development of extremity orthopedics, has expanded its US and worldwide patent and trademark programs.

Memometal Technologies claimed that it recognises the value of its intellectual property and is committed to protecting its products through aggressive procurement and enforcement of patent and trademark rights.

Memometal Technologies said that in addition to its current patents, it has other pending patent applications including US Patent application no 2008/0177262 directed to the Smart Toe intramedullary implant and a US Patent Application corresponding to WIPO Publication no WO 2008/129214 directed to the X-Fuse intramedullary implant. The company has also recently acquired the patent and trademark rights in the US for OrthoGlide ankle implants.

Bernard Prandi, co-founder of Memometal Technologies, said: “Our goal is to bring new products to the market that improve the surgeon’s clinical practice and most importantly, patient outcomes.

“Strict patent and trademark enforcement are not only important to our business and industry, but to the surgeons and patients who rely on the quality and efficacy of our products.”