MKMG said that it has selected CoActiv because of its high-quality cloud-based technology, personalised, flexible service and affordable pricing, following an extensive search process that included both in-house hardware solutions as well as the complete range of medical archiving vendors.

MKMG said that Exam-Vault provides Quad-Redundant Archiving, which stores every study in four geographically distant locations for superior disaster protection. It also provides immediate business continuity, restoring data access in emergency situation in seconds not hours, or even days, like other vendors.

As a managed service, Exam-Vault shifts the burden of all archive system maintenance to CoActiv IT experts. CoActiv’s commitment to ongoing upgrades to maintain state-of-the-art technology eliminates issues of obsolescence.

Exam-Vault easily can be integrated with other PACS solutions, such as MKMG’s McKesson PACS, offering an affordable and scalable archiving solution for radiology departments and practices of any size. It comes with a 100% Up-Time Service Level Agreement.

John Basile, administrative director of radiology at MKMG, said: “CoActiv not only delivered the high-quality, complex and diversified storage we needed but is committed to meet our evolving needs in the future. CoActiv is committed to going the extra distance to meet all our needs. CoActiv president and CEO Ed Heere’s counsel has been extremely valuable to us.”