The Restore DEB, including EXPRESS drug-release platform, is designed for the treatment of patients who come back for repeat anti-proliferative treatment of restenosis.

As observed by Renu Virmani, president and medical director, of CV Path Institute, US, Restore’s ‘PTX’ coating ensures a biocompatible drug transfer into the arterial tissue under avoidance of micro emboli.

Cardionovum CEO Michael Orlowski said Restore complements the company’s current DEB product portfolio with additional therapeutic capacities.

"Our mission is to develop an entirely new paradigm for the safest and clinically most effective local drug delivery to the arterial lesion site," Orlowski added.

" We believe that our novel approach to drug-coating is superior to existing products on the market, as we do not use plasticizer, nor uncontrollable toxic drug excipients, giving us a potentially dominant position in the emerging market for DEBs as first-line therapy for a wide variety of patients in need of coronary and peripheral vascular interventions."