MIT China’s production facilities with the subject of SFDA arrival, were deemed suitable for medical device manufacturing, including the production of disposable accessories and have therefore been granted a production certification.

MIT said that the clinical trials of Med-Jet models MIT-MBX and MIT-H-III are set to begin in the near future. The obtainment of the production certification for human products together with the results from the clinical trials are expected to represent an essential goal of obtaining a licence to sell Med-Jet injectors in China.

The company said that the initial target market in human applications for the first year is cosmetic Dermatology, Plastic surgery, and General Practitioner for single and mass injections, using Med-Jet models MIT MBX and MIT-H-III.

Later in the second year, in addition to the previous models, the introduction of model MIT-H-IV-1 and MIT-H-IV-5 will target private clinics and hospitals. During the third year, the injector for diabetics, MIT P-I, and the dental injector, MIT-H-VI, will be introduced and expects to increase sales to achieve and exceed its forecasted $55,000,000.

The initial target market in animal applications for the first year is the pork, cattle, and poultry markets, using our existing and newly redesigned products for mass animal vaccination. The second year in addition to the previous models, MIT will introduce and market its day-old baby chicken injector. During the third year, it will present 2 more new products expected to increase sales to achieve and exceed its forecasted $20,000,000.

MIT Canada, with offices in Montreal, is a subsidiary of Denver, Colorado-based Medical International Technology (MIT USA), which specializes in the development, production, marketing and sale of needle-free injectors both for humans and animals, for individuals and mass vaccinations.