The agreement provides Cicel with the rights to sell the ultrasonic systems in China, including Hong Kong, and includes annual minimum purchase requirements.

The SonaStar is used by neuro and general surgeons for removal of both hard and soft tumors while sparing most vessels.

The OsteoSculpt bone sculpting technology can be employed with the SonaStar to remove osseous structures, thus providing access to the surgical site.

The BoneScalpel is a tissue specific osteotomy device capable of making precise cuts through bone and hard tissue while preserving delicate soft tissue structures.

The SonicOne offers tissue specific debridement and cleansing for removal of devitalized tissue and fibrin deposits while sparing viable cellular structures.

Misonix designs, develops, manufactures and markets therapeutic ultrasonic medical devices and laboratory equipment.

Cicel is a distributor of medical devices and capital equipment with special emphasis on neuro, spine, maxillo-facial and general surgery.