Under the terms of the agreement Kindstar will commercialize the Epi proLung assay for use in lung cancer diagnosis in China.

Epigenomics will retain the responsibility to manufacture and supply the product and to provide support with respect to medical and regulatory considerations.

Epigenomics’ US subsidiary CEO Noel Doheny noted the company is excited to enter into this agreement regarding its Epi proLung tissue assay with Kindstar.

"The ability to leverage the established know-how and existing and well-functioning reference laboratory infrastructure of our new partner will provide a significant advantage for Epigenomics in the market introduction and technology roll-out of Epi proLung® in China.

"This agreement allows for a dual commercialization effort to apply Epigenomics’ patented methods and its biomarker for lung cancer diagnosis in the Chinese market," Doheny added.

Kindstar CEO Dr Shiang Huang noted Epigenomics’ Epi proLung assay fills an unmet need in current lung cancer diagnosis.

"We are very pleased to add Epi proLung® to the suite of cancer testing services we offer to Chinese physicians. We look forward to collaborating with Epigenomics on this assay and to the opportunity to expand our partnership on additional tests for the Chinese market," Dr Huang added.