Mindray DS USA, a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices, has unveiled new premium M7 ultrasound system in the US, which is based on System On Chip (SOC) technology.

The M7 platform is said to provide advanced imaging features like octal-beam imaging technology which provides temporal resolution along with an implementation of multiple tissue harmonic imaging technologies to improve image quality for technically difficult patients.

iZoom enables the user to view images from a longer distance by increasing the size of the clinical image display area on the screen and iTouch provides a single button image optimization.

Tissue Doppler Imaging, Cine Compare, and real-time 3D are part of the M7 platform as well. The system has an on-board workstation for patient information management plus the ability to transmit information wirelessly for a wide range of applications.

Mindray US sales and marketing vice president Michael Thompson said that the new M7 platform will bring high-end imaging capabilities to an ergonomically designed portable system.

“Part of Mindray’s commitment to supporting excellence in patient care is providing an ongoing stream of upgrades to our clinicians. This significant new upgrade to the M5 system is another example of offering our customers continuous, state-of-the-art imaging, resulting in greater diagnostic confidence,” Thompson said.

In addition to launching the M7 platform, Mindray recently introduced a new upgrade for its M5 system. The new 3.0 release features full DICOM capability, networking, work list, MPPS, query and retrieve and structured reporting.