Demonstration units of two major new products in 2010 will be presented, including the V series patient monitoring system and BS-800 chemistry analyzer.

The V series platform is a modular patient monitoring system, focusing on the philosophy of ‘easy-to-use’ while incorporating traditionally highly complex monitoring parameters.

The system architecture allows users to customise, by removal or addition of modules, monitored parameters based on a patient’s monitoring need or acuity level.

Mindray claims that the BS-800 Modular System combines innovation and high performance into an integrated solution.

Mindray will also present a demonstration unit of BC-6800, the new generation 5-part hematology analyzer with high processing speed to be launched next year.

In addition to the routine CBC plus 5-Part Diff WBC test, the BC-6800’s output can be extended in the form of Reticulocyte, Nucleated RBC, Optical Platelet count, etc, allowing wider clinical application and research.

Mindray chief operating officer Jie Liu said that they are delighted to be attending this important international event to showcase their latest notable product launches and other promising products in the pipeline.