Augmenix, a company engaged in the development and commercialization of radiation oncology products using its hydrogel technology, has announced the availability of new radiotherapy prostate cancer treatment, SpaceOAR hydrogel, in Japan.

Space OAR

Image: Representative diagram of how SpaceOAR hydrogel creates space between the rectum and prostate. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

The SpaceOAR hydrogel is said to be clinically proven to aid in the decrease of unwanted side effects from radiotherapy treatment in patients with prostate cancer.

The company is offering the new soft and implanted absorbable gel spacer to all prostate cancer radiotherapy patients in Japan, via the ministry of health, labour and welfare (MHLW) national reimbursement.

The treatment has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is currently being used in multiple cancer centers in the US, Australia and Europe.

Augmenix International vice president and general manager Stephen McGill said: “We are delighted that SpaceOAR hydrogel is now available through the MHLW national reimbursement programme for all men undergoing prostate cancer radiotherapy treatment throughout Japan.

“We believe the commitment of the Japanese MHLW to reimburse SpaceOAR is a significant leap forward to improving radiotherapy outcomes and reducing the associated risks.”

According to the company, more than 86,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year across the Japan.

The exposure of organs surrounding the prostate to radiation will result in long term side effects, including acute rectal pain, rectal bleeding, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Augmenix’s SpaceOAR hydrogel will create an average of 1.3cm of space between the prostate and the rectum, which was clinically proven to reduce radiation exposure and prevent injury to the surrounding organs.

Augmenix Japan general manager Yoshi Kuratani said: “SpaceOAR hydrogel is a proven solution that can make a life-changing difference to men receiving prostate cancer radiotherapy.”

Augmenix is engaged in the development and commercialisation of radiation oncology products using its advanced hydrogel technology.

Focusing primarily on offering protection during prostate radiation therapy, the firm’s next-generation products will be used in spacing and marking applications across the body to improve radiotherapy and interventional oncology procedure results.