Mindray Medical International, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide, has introduced the Mindray V Series patient monitoring system, an all new scalable platform that focuses on the clarity and continuity of data at a single point of care.

Mindray said that the V Series solution has been conceived, tested and proven in a true environment by the end-users who understand the complexities and workflows and addresses the need for care without information overload and unnecessary alarms but simply focuses on the critical information.

The V Series V21 and V12 patient monitoring system has the flexibility and adaptability for clinicians’ changing environments and provides the users with an advanced device anywhere in their facilities.

The system also provides immediate connectivity through its thread-safe VAccess application, bringing the user in touch with patient data streams, such as electronic medical records, at a single location, without compromising the monitoring of patients.

Mindray added that the V Series delivers a modernized user interface that is consistent, predictable and intuitive.

Mindray North America president David Gibson said that the V Series is the first of several new platforms they plan to introduce over the next few years that will expand their served markets in the US and worldwide.

"The V Series embodies our vision of creating highly differentiated products through innovations in accessibility which will enable streamlined patient care," Gibson said.