Mindray Medical International has unveiled its newly enhanced hand-held M series products including M7 and M5 ultrasound platforms.

The enhanced M7 ultrasound platform features temporal resolution and multiple-tissue harmonic imaging technologies to improve image quality for technically difficult patients.

The updated M5 ultrasound platform represents significant value and high performance in a hand-carried device for general ultrasound imaging services.

Mindray said it is planning to introduce the new needle visualization technology – iNeedle which provides physicians with clear and precise needle detection during procedures.

In conjunction with iZoom, the iNeedle facilitates users to view patient anatomy from a distance while iTouch aids physicians to view target structures clearly and easily for safe and effective anesthetic procedures.

Mindray will also launch new transducers including the linear array L12-4s and L14-6Ns provide high frequency imaging for nerve and pain management.