Toshiba America Medical Systems has announced that Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital in New York has installed Aquilion ONE dynamic volume CT system that can dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose stroke symptoms. The CT system is in operation at the hospital’s Kaleida Health Stroke Center. Aquilion ONE dynamic volume CT is the novel medical imaging system that can image the entire brain and show real-time brain function in less time than traditional multi-detector row CT systems. This dynamic CT system which has been introduced in November 2007, scans an entire organ in a single pass and produces 4D videos that show an organ’s structure, its movement and blood flow. In comparison, a 64-slice, 128-slice or 256-slice CT scan can only capture a portion of an organ in a single pass, requiring physicians to “stitch together” multiple scans of an organ to get a full image. The novel technology helps reduce multiple exposures to radiation and exam time.