The company unveiled their vision for the world’s first and only CRISPR-enabled platform capable of identifying any biomarker or disease containing DNA or RNA.

Mammoth Biosciences is supported by venture capitalists including NFX, Mayfield, 8VC, and AME Cloud.

Leveraging CRISPR technology licensed exclusively from the University of California, the company plans to democratize disease detection with an easy and affordable point-of-care test that enables to identify multiple conditions, in real time, both in the hospital and at home.

This new approach is claimed to have the potential to significantly decrease cost of healthcare by replacing the need for  testing devices, while increasing accessibility and ease-of-use.  

Mammoth’s CRISPR platform is expected to change the way medical community and consumers will interact with the $45bn global disease detection market, by bringing the power of DNA/RNA testing to the point-of-care in a scalable and universal platform.

Mammoth claims to harness naturally evolved diversity of bacterial CRISPR systems. In long run, this technology has the potential of innovating across several industries, within healthcare, with main focus on research in gene editing and therapeutics. But, in the short-term, an immediate use for this technology lies in disease detection and biosensing.

Mammoth was focusing initially on healthcare applications, with the aim of transforming diagnostic testing across the care continuum from hospital and point-of-care settings to at-home testing.

The company’s long-term aim is to provide a CRISPR-based platform on which Mammoth and partners can build an infinite number of tests, within healthcare and also across industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, and forensics.

Mammoth CEO and co-founder Trevor Martin said: “Imagine a world where you could test for the flu right from your living room and determine the exact strain you’ve been infected with, or rapidly screen for the early warning signs of cancer.

“That’s what we’re aiming to do at Mammoth — bring affordable testing to everyone. But even beyond healthcare, we’re aiming to build the platform for CRISPR apps and offer the technology across many industries.”