Micrus Endovascular has received Shonin approval from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to market its bare platinum and Cerecyte DeltaPaq filling and DeltaPlush finishing microcoils for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms and treatments in the peripheral vasculature in Japan.

DeltaPaq and DeltaPlush microcoils, designed to achieve greater intra-aneurysmal packing density than conventional microcoilsm, feature company’s Delta Wind technology. Goodman Co, exclusive distributor of Micrus Endovascular in the Japanese market, will manage sales of DeltaPaq and DeltaPlush microcoils.

Micrus Endovascular’s Delta Wind technology fundamentally changes the shape of the microcoil primary wind, allowing the coil to easily change direction and to find and fill open spaces within the cerebral aneurysm that might be missed by traditional coils.

The DeltaPaq microcoil is designed to enable physicians to achieve greater coil packing density, which may reduce the rate of recanalization and the need for re-treatment. The DeltaPlush microcoil incorporates Micrus Endovascular’s softest platinum wire to provide added flexibility to find and fill gaps, helping to provide superior finishing at the aneurysm neck.

John Kilcoyne, chairman and CEO of Micrus Endovascular, said: “With Shonin approval for DeltaPaq and DeltaPlush microcoils, we can provide Japanese physicians with access to our exclusive Delta Wind technology, further building on our already significant presence in the rapidly growing Japanese market.

“Our DeltaPaq and DeltaPlush microcoils have been very well received by physicians in the U.S. and Europe and represent a significant portion of our worldwide quarterly revenues. Additionally these microcoils have achieved high reorder rates, and have proven instrumental in opening new accounts and allowing for pull-through opportunities for other Micrus products.”