Microvisk Technologies, a developer of micro electro mechanical sensors, has launched CoagMax and CoagLite handheld devices to monitor the blood clotting status of patients in the US.

CoagMax is a point of care test and CoagLite is a home use test which aid clinicians and patients to establish the correct dosage of anti-coagulation medication such as Warfarin and to monitor treatment.

The devices integrate a disposable SmartStrip to measure clotting speed of the blood through embedded sensors, with the results displayed on a handheld reader.

The devices use micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) in the computer projector, iPhone and Nintendo Wii as well other technology based applications.

Microvisk CEO John Curtis said they remain on track to commence US clinical trials this autumn and are planning for product launch in summer 2012.

"We are also continuing to make progress with patient trials in the UK and Germany," Curtis said.