Microsulis Medical, a provider in microwave technology for medical devices, has reported the sale and shipment of seven generators and 70 applicators to MDH, the distributor of ablation technologies in Italy for the treatment of liver and lung disease.

MDH is the exclusive distributor of Microsulis’s microwave technology, including the Acculis Accu2i percutaneous microwave tissue ablation (pMTA) system, and will use the equipment for clinical demonstrations and distributions at key centres across Italy.

The Accu2i pMTA system, which is in use throughout Europe and North America, is the tissue ablation system which combines extreme ease of use with the widest range of clinical applications.

The device is a single high power high frequency 2.45GHz water-cooled microwave needle that can address tissue masses over 5cm in size in just six minutes, and is therefore between 3 to 10 times faster than other systems.

Microsulis CEO Stuart McIntyre said their partnership with MDH has been successful so far and enabled them to bring the Accu2i to a wider clinical audience in Italy where a number of premier hospitals have had the opportunity to experience the technology first-hand.

"The Accu2i has already been used in many cases around the country and we look forward to consolidating its products amongst the interventional radiology community in Italy,’ McIntyre said