LapFinger mimics the dissection tool with the human index finger enabling surgeons to dissect with confidence, retract with strength and palpate with feel.

LapFinger is a 5mm reposable instrument that provides safety, ease of use and versatility to overcome the challenges and facilitate advanced general surgical and gynecological procedures, Microline Surgical said.

LapFinger features a reusable handle and disposable tips for tissue separation and dissection and can produce up to 40lbs of pressure to manipulate structures in short time.

The device also provides a wide range of motion, enabling the surgeon to maneuver around structures for dissection and around vessels without the tip slipping off the vessel and causing inadvertent damage.

Microline Surgical president and COO Sharad Joshi said that the LapFinger’s simple design makes it a useful and versatile tool for a wide variety of laparoscopic procedures.

“Microline is excited to add LapFinger to its growing number of reposable instruments that provide high quality clinical utility with great economic value,” Joshi said.