Microline Surgical, a US based medical device manufacturer of reposable surgical laparoscopic instruments, has launched MiSeal Reposable Thermal Ligating System.

MiSeal simultaneously seals and divides soft tissue and vessels using direct thermal energy, Microline Surgical said.

Unlike conventional products that use monopolar, bipolar or ultrasonic energy as modes of operation, MiSeal features proprietary tissue welding technology, which employs direct thermal energy and focused pressure to create a high-integrity seal and a clean division, while minimizing the risk of collateral tissue damage.

The instrument’s dual-action jaw can be used as a dissector or grasper, minimizing instrument exchanges and improving efficiency in the operating room.

MiSeal is powered by the Universal Power Supply (UPS), a compact, three-pound, reusable power source that can hang from an IV pole or sit on a tabletop, offering ease of set-up and use, which can reduce procedure and clean-up time.

Microline Surgical president and chief operating officer Sharad Joshi said MiSeal is the first product to bring to fruition the collaboration between Microline Surgical and Starion Instruments, which Microline acquired in April 2009.

"The marriage of Microline’s reposability with Starion’s tissue welding technology provides surgeons with advanced instrumentation to safely and effectively perform laparoscopic procedures while taking into consideration the financial restraints present in today’s cost-conscious healthcare environment," Joshi said.