Invented by Dr Anil Makkar, the PPM device is a sports appliance that naturally aligns the athlete’s jaw for increased balance, range of motion, flexibility and sustained power. The device is custom-designed and manufactured to each individual athlete and can be fitted by any PPM-certified dentist.

Kimberly Bradshaw, president and CEO of MicroDental, said: “We are very excited that MicroDental will be the exclusive manufacturer of the PPM and believe it is a testament to our strong culture of quality, utilization of technology and world-class customer support. The PPM is considered best-in-class and fits nicely into MicroDental’s portfolio of high-end, high-quality and high aesthetic product offerings.”

Anil Makkar, founder and president of Makkar Athletics, said: “This partnership is testament to the fact that Makkar Athletics has far surpassed the early entrepreneurial stage of its development and has entered a stage of profound growth. We are now positioned to make a substantial footprint in the U.S. marketplace while charting a course for global growth. MicroDental is the largest full-service facility in the US and will provide depth of technological expertise, customer support and scalability which are crucial elements at this stage.”

Headquartered in Dublin, California, MicroDental Laboratories is part of the DTI network of full-service dental laboratories.