New dilation balloon can be inflated in three steps, eliminating the need for multiple balloons in the same procedure


Micro-Tech Endoscopy Launches New Dilation Balloon. (Credit: Reaper DZ from Pixabay.)

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA rounds out the year with yet another product launch in the GI Dilation category. Expanding its line of balloons, the new ABC Balloon is available in 6 diameter sizes, all with a balloon length of 5.5 cm. With a longer working length of 230 cm, the new ABC Balloons can be used for esophageal, pyloric or colonic dilation.

The durable nylon material delivers strength with accurate sizing, while the non-compliant material provides the radial force required for consistent dilation. Inflated in 3 steps, the ABC balloon provides an affordable alternative to radial expanding balloons.

“Our constant goal is delivering solutions to our customers that improve efficiencies,” explained Micro-Tech USA President Chris Li. “Introducing the 5.5 cm balloon, which can be used in multiple endoscopic procedures, expands the range of our successful ABC product family while reducing inventory needs.”

Since 2000, Micro-Tech has been focused on creating top-quality products for endoscopic diagnosis and therapeutic medical devices that allow physicians to provide the highest level of care. By partnering with doctors dedicated to innovation, we are committed to bringing better devices to market, with unprecedented speed, at an economical price, and without the burden of contracts. We do not compromise on quality and do not believe our customers should either.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy has operations in America, Asia, and Europe and leverages this global reach to refine the products we provide to our partners. Our team has a wealth of experience in the field and an in-depth understanding of both product and use cases.

With the health care industry transforming rapidly, we dedicate ourselves to set the pace as a disruptor. At Micro-Tech, we are more than a medical technology company – we are building a community of healthcare innovators and making health care more value-driven.

Source: Company Press Release