Shorter needle tip than previous version to assist in targeting the ideal tissue depth


Micro-Tech Endoscopy's Injection Needle and PinPoint Injection Needle. (Credit: Micro-Tech Endoscopy.)

Micro-Tech Endoscopy recently launched the PinPoint Injection Needle, showcasing Micro-Tech’s continued commitment to make its mark on the medical device industry, working closely with doctors dedicated to innovation, and bringing high quality devices to market at unprecedented speed.

“The PinPoint needle is an example of the simple, intuitive, impactful approach Micro-Tech uses to infuse innovation into all products,” says Micro-Tech USA Executive Global R&D Director, Scott Haack.

Designed for single-handed operation, PinPoint™ is a simple, elegant solution, a 3mm long lancet Injection Needle offered in 22 and 25 gauge with an innovative design that limits accidental needle deployment during insertion and removal. The patented ratchet mechanism provides audible confirmation of deployment. A quick release button returns the needle fully into the sheath.

“The PinPoint sclerotherapy needle was designed to make submucosal injections easier for the practitioner,” adds Haack. “The needle contains a 3mm projection and a much shorter bevel for the injectate to initiate an immediate tissue response. We are committed to innovation that solves known problems, through intuitive designs that yield impactful results.”

Source: Company Press Release