Mevion S250 is a proton therapy system that provides the same precise, non-invasive treatment capabilities and advantages of conventional systems but at significantly reduced size and with improved reliability, efficient clinical workflow, and lower implementation and operational costs.

Similar to an X-ray radiation therapy device’s footptint, Mevion proton therapy can be conveniently integrated into any existing radiation therapy department.

Mevion Medical CEO Joseph Jachinowski said, "The installation of this groundbreaking technology at the Stephenson Cancer Center is a prime example of practical proton therapy deployment; delivering modern and advanced radiation therapy treatments in a fiscally responsible way, all within a fully integrated cancer center, and with the ability to grow when patient demand requires it."

A specialized team from Mevion will be completing the installation in the next few months before turning it over to the new proton therapy services team at the Stephenson Cancer Center at University of Oklahoma.

The University Hospitals Authority and Trust chairman Mike Samis said, "The addition of this advanced treatment option to our flagship cancer center continues to define the OU Cancer Institute as the state’s leading center of excellence."