According to Medtronic, the new frontal handpiece has a 2.2 mm diameter with fixed 80° articulation for access to the hard-to-reach frontal sinuses. Surgeons can connect the Hydrodebrider console to the frontal handpiece, the standard handpiece for maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses, or both.

Each handpiece delivers a rotating spray of pressurized saline at 5 mL/sec, enabling access for direct irrigation of sinus mucosal surfaces. In vitro research has demonstrated a 99% reduction in bacterial coverage in chronic sinusitis specimens treated with the Hydrodebrider System.2

Medtronic said that when medical management fails, sinus surgery is employed to remove obstructions and diseased tissue with the goal of restoring normal mucociliary clearance in the paranasal sinuses. Despite numerous advances in techniques and instrumentation, between 10 to 25% of the surgeries have unfavorable outcomes, and patients are not cured of recurrent disease.

Research indicated that bacterial infections are intimately associated with chronic sinusitis. Several studies have concluded that elimination of the bacterial infections through mechanical disruption is necessary to eradicate disease in patients with chronic sinusitis. Desrosiers et al found that the Hydrodebrider System was effective at disrupting and removing bacteria than traditional saline lavage.

Bryan Jones, microbiologist and associate product manager of rhinology in the ENT division at Medtronic, said: “Endoscopic surgical access to the frontal sinuses is difficult because of narrow, complex anatomical features that necessitate the use of specialized instrumentation. The new Frontal Handpiece enables access for direct powered irrigation of the frontal sinuses, giving surgeons additional flexibility in the treatment of patients with chronic sinusitis.”