According to Medtronic, the Legend EHS Stylus Touch drill’s high torque and a compact size helps surgeons to operate the drill using finger control, footpedal control or both.

Medtronic said that the ergonomic positioning and true variable speed adjustment, easy-to-use design and quick set-up, adjustable speeds from 200 to 75,000RPM are the additional features of the Legend EHS Stylus Touch drill.

Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus Touch drill is powered by Medtronic’s Integrated Power Console (IPC) system, a multispecialty surgical power console that offers improved intraoperative functionality.

With the IPC system’s intuitive touchscreen interface, surgeons can use saved custom settings, quickly adjust irrigation via simple remote control, and run multiple Medtronic handpieces. As part of the standardised Legend platform, the Legend EHS Stylus Touch drill works with Medtronic’s interchangeable Legend tools and attachments for a broad range of surgical procedures.

Darren Woodruff, product manager for spinal power with the Neurologic Technologies division at Medtronic, said: “The Legend EHS Stylus Touch doesn’t require a footpedal at all, which can be advantageous during multi-surgeon procedures and at busy trauma centers.”

Bob Blankemeyer, president of the Surgical Technologies business and senior vice president at Medtronic, said: “The Legend EHS Stylus Touch drill continues our tradition of innovative, powerful high-speed surgical drills, and is a direct result of listening to our customers’ needs.”