The simplified CGM system allows to detect high and low glucose fluctuations that can lead to dangerous health complications, which often go undetected with traditional A1C tests (a measurement of glucose control over a two-to-three-month period) and glucose meter measurements.

Medtronic said that the iPro2 Professional CGM has received CE (Conformite Europeenne) mark. Subject to other local approvals, Medtronic plans to release iPro2 Professional CGM in 22 more countries around the world, for 71 in total, including the US where Medtronic has submitted its application for approval to the FDA.

iPro2 Professional CGM includes a disposable glucose sensor and a small data recorder, which automatically record glucose information. The product is simple to start and reduces the amount of clinical staff time needed to implement the therapy. Patients wear the small, lightweight and watertight device while going about their normal daily activities before returning it to their physicians’ office for evaluation.

Katie Szyman, president of the diabetes business and senior vice president at Medtronic, said: “We have seen strong adoption of professional CGM in the US because of its ability to provide superior insights for healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. We are excited to launch the next generation, iPro2, which will continue to transform the management of diabetes while providing superior ease-of-use for clinicians and patients.”

Francine Kaufman, chief medical officer and vice president of global medical, clinical and health affairs a the Medtronic Diabetes business, said: “It’s never been easier to reveal previously undetected high and low glucose excursions and understand their causes.

“This information is helpful for making better treatment decisions to improve patients’ lives. Moreover, iPro2 Professional CGM is quick to implement and provides reports that physicians can use to educate patients on the therapy and lifestyle changes they can make to improve their health and quality of life.”