Medtronic, Inc. (Medtronic) and Envisionier Medical Technologies, Inc. (Envisionier) announced an agreement that grants exclusive rights for US distribution and marketing of the endogo system to the ENT (ear, nose, and throat) division of Medtronic. The endogodevice is a scalable endoscopic imaging system that can be used with existing rigid and flexible optical endoscopes in any clinical setting.

David Guy, president of Envisionier, stated, “This distribution agreement signals our first step towards global commercialization of palm-held endoscopic imaging technologies and is a major milestone in the execution of our business strategy. Medtronic’s array of diagnostic and therapeutic devices for ENT and speech language pathology is a perfect match with the endogo® system. With this agreement, we will solidify our global first mover advantage in these emerging segments of the endoscopic market. Medtronic’s substantial distribution network will allow Envisionier to realize our vision of transforming and expanding the worldwide endoscopic market. This strategic partnership with Medtronic for the ENT and speech language pathology market segment will also allow us to focus our efforts on the Gynecologic, Urologic, Orthopedic, and other emerging markets.”