Medtronic has unveiled the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology for endoscopic care and announced a new collaboration focused on AI-powered colonoscopy.

The healthcare technology company has introduced ColonPRO, the new-generation software for the GI Genius intelligent endoscopy system.

GI Genius is a computer-aided detection (CADe) system that uses AI to identify colorectal polyps and was well-researched with more than 30 academic and real-world publications.

The ColonPRO software allows the GI Genius system to boost AI-driven polyp detection.

The system is supported by a dataset that is double the size of the previous one, which enables a notable improvement in its detection capabilities and reduction in false positives.

In addition, the GI Genius system incorporates a new feature that automates physicians’ workflow, reduces documentation, and enables future integration with electronic health records.

The system also comes with enhancements to the user interface, to facilitate the development of third-party applications through the AI Access platform, which was introduced last year.

Medtronic Endoscopy business president Raj Thomas said: “Through our collaboration with ModMed, we can continue to help gastroenterologists achieve greater efficiency by streamlining workflows and leveraging augmented decision-making, freeing up valuable time for patient care.

“We are committed to working with industry leaders and focusing on where we can best offer innovation, addressing unmet clinical needs and elevating the standard of care.”

In addition to the launch of new software, Medtronic has announced a strategic collaboration with Modernizing Medicine (ModMed), a US-based medical software company.

ModMed’s gGastro EHR software complements the GI Genius system, offering extensive documentation solutions.

The two companies will jointly start testing out new capabilities for future integration of gGastro EHR software to receive real-time, AI-generated data from the GI Genius system.

The approach makes the documentation process more effective and enables physicians to spend more of their time on patient care, said the medical device maker.

ModMed gastroenterology team lead Jason Sugar said: “This is a true game changer for physicians, it represents precisely how physicians want AI technologies implemented and it will allow us to focus our energy on thinking about the patient and providing the best care possible.”