Medtronic has signed an agreement with University Hospitals to enhance care delivery and patient experience.

As per the deal, the organisations will implement new operational models to optimize workflow and redefine operational efficiency for catheterisation (cath) and electrophysiology (EP) laboratories at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Centre.

Medtronic adds its expertise from cath labs and operating rooms of 100 hospital systems across the world to manage clinical support operations in UH select labs.

In catheterisation labs and electrophysiology labs, clinical support operations such as lab management, scheduling, materials management, room turnover and process optimisation, have an important role in ensuring cardiologists are able to find and diagnose cardiovascular conditions for their patients.

UH COO Jeffrey Peters said: "Our collaboration with Medtronic gives us a unique opportunity to learn from their international best practices in inventory management and scheduling optimization.

"We are excited to embed their expertise into our clinical operations, allowing our clinical staff to focus on providing the highest level of cardiovascular care for our patients."

Medtronic Americas Region senior vice president and president Mike Genau said: "Our Integrated Health Solutions business was formed as part of a commitment to advance healthcare delivery in more cost-effective ways.

"Our goal in collaborating with UH is to enhance patient care and system efficiency through the unique combination of operational insights, data, medical technology, and services.

“Medtronic has more than 65 years of experience to bring to the table, and we intend to be a close associate in implementing innovative solutions along the way."