Medtronic has reported the results of its tailored treatment of permanent atrial fibrillation (TTOP-AF) trial.

The controlled, multi-center, prospective, randomized trial included a total of 210 patients with persistent and long-standing persistent AF received either Medtronic’s Phased radio frequency (RF) Ablation System ablation treatment (138) or traditional medical management (72).

The data showed that 55.8 % of ablation management patients had an AF and atrial flutter burden reduction of greater than 90 % and were free of antiarrhythmic drug therapy at six months compared to 26.4 % in the traditional medical management arm (p<0.0001), thus meeting the chronic effectiveness endpoint.

Medtronic’s Ablation system incorporates a percutaneous cardiac catheter and generator system that delivers customized RF energy designed to eliminate or isolate abnormal electrical impulses in the left atrium that initiate or sustain atrial fibrillation.