Medtronic has released CD Horizon Solera Spinal System, a part of the CD Horizon family of fixation devices, in the US and limitedly in Japan.

The system is compatible with minimally invasive technologies like MAST and provides spinal stabilization and correction as an adjunct to fusion in patients suffering from painful and function-limiting disorders of the middle and lower back.

Medtronic said the system also integrates with surgical navigation and imaging systems and the NIM-Eclipse neuromonitoring system, which allows for decreased exposure to radiation for hospital staff, and improved accuracy of device placement to avoid injury to nerves.

The system shows rod flexibility and strength to match the demands of a variety of spinal conditions.

The CD Horizon Solera Spinal System implants are equipped with VERIFYI Implant Tracking System technology, which is similar to barcode technology, and provides device quality and utilization-related data for customers in a manner that meets anticipated FDA requirements for unique device identification (UDI).

The CD Horizon Solera Spinal System is a spinal fusion system that is cleared to treat patients with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, fracture, dislocation, failed previous fusions, tumors and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.