Medtronic has introduced the FlexCath Advance Steerable Sheath, which facilitate easier access to reach the inferior veins of the heart when delivering and positioning the company's Arctic Front Advance Cryoballoon system in the left atrium to treat paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF), in the US.

The FlexCath sheath features a radiopaque marker band at 5 millimeters to provide enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy, a deflection mechanism with an ergonomic handle that optimizes the movement of the sheath.

In addition, the sheath includes a hemostasis valve that allows for introduction, withdrawal and exchanging of catheters and guidewires, while preventing air insertion and minimizing blood loss.

The Arctic Front Advance cryoballoon system, which is used in the minimally invasive procedures, also features a new EvenCool Cryo technology, which optimizes the delivery of coolant inside the balloon.

As compared to the original Arctic Front Cryoballoon, the larger, more uniform cold surface reduces the effort needed to isolate the pulmonary veins, and improves physicians’ ability to treat patients with complicated anatomies, claims the company.

Medtronic AF solutions division vice president and general manager Reggie Groves said the built upon the Arctic Front System’s platform, FlexCath Advance Steerable Sheath augments the overall efficiency of the procedure.

"It completes the Arctic Front Advance System and is the fourth new product we have launched in the U.S. market in two years," Groves added.