MedTrade's Celox gauze bandage has been approved by the US Military to stop catastrophic arterial bleeding in three minutes in order to save soldiers' lives on the battlefield.

Celox gauze has been added by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) to its guidelines for control of hemorrhage as approved hemostatic agents for military-wide use.

MedTrade’s Celox gauze bandage has demonstrated higher rates of survival in a test of severe arterial haemorrhage conducted by the US Navy comparing five hemostatic gauzes, including Celox gauze.

The bandage features a novel technology, which allows it to work on the most severe bleeding where current treatments are not effective. The bandage is coated with Celox Granules to give unique properties.

In many of the worst injuries, the blood lost causes the body’s natural clotting abilities to fail, but Celox acts independently of the blood’s clotting mechanism and continues to work even in this situation, where other treatments that use the blood’s natural mechanisms may fail.

The treatment, which is fully US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared, has been in use with British and other ISAF troops for some time.

Celox was tested on the battlefield in Afghanistan, where it was used to treat gunshot wounds to an arm, leg and buttock. The bandage was used successfully to control bleeding from the buttock wound, which was more persistent. The bandage was packed in to the wound and helped stop the bleeding.

After Celox gauze was used there was no leakage or re-bleeding when it was removed 24 hours later.

MedTrade Chris Marsden said Celox works alongside other innovations from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as the new tourniquets and drugs that help keep blood clots intact.

"It stops bleeding with simple pressure and is suitably rugged for front-line use. We’re delighted with this review by the CoTCCC and to be able to make a difference in this area," Marsden added.