Medstrat has entered into a partnership agreement with major orthopedic company and has completed a Field-Based Digital Templating pilot program.

Medstrat originated digital x-ray imaging for orthopedic practices to meet the needs of the orthopedic surgeon and address the demanding challenges orthopedic surgeons face every day, including the pressure to reduce costs and deliver faster, higher-quality patient care.

Based upon a proven, high-performing digital medical imaging platform, the company allows for the elimination of film, chemicals, and processing, increases workflow efficiency and staff productivity and provides cost savings.

The company claims that the pilot program consisted of 15 sales associates across the country, using a modified version of our templating software and remote echoes server to digitally template orthopedic cases, much like they do with plastic acetate templates. Participating sales associates praised the ease of use, compatibility, and Medstrat’s customer support.

Following the successful completion of the pilot program, the orthopedic company selected this software as the preferred choice for digital templating for their entire US sales force. As a result, Medstrat is rolling-out this new service offering to their full sales associate force at their upcoming national sales meeting later this month.