MedShape Solutions, a developer of orthopedic medical devices from shape memory materials, has received a strategic investment and development agreement from In-Q-Tel (IQT), the strategic investment firm that identifies technology solutions to support the missions of the US Intelligence Community.

MedShape’s business is built on a technology platform of proprietary shape memory polymers and shape memory alloys, materials that have been designed to morph between two shapes in response to specific stimuli.

MedShape uses the shape-changing materials to improve the fixation of soft tissue to bone and bone to bone in orthopedic procedures, to reduce the invasiveness and complexity of surgical techniques, and to develop durable implants that adjust to changing conditions within the human body.

IQT Physical and Biological Technologies practice vice president Syd Ulvick said MedShape has developed a broad portfolio of engineering grade shape memory materials that can tolerate a variety of extreme environments.

"The breadth of materials in MedShape’s portfolio and rich diversity in their properties provide tremendous opportunities to develop products across a host of applications that can perform useful functions by virtue of their active nature," Ulvick said.

MedShape chairman and CEO Kurt Jacobus said they are delighted to have IQT as a strategic investor and partner and at its core, MedShape is a technology-based company, and they are pleased that working with IQT will open the door to opportunities to use their technology in support of the US Intelligence Community.