Harnessing the shape memory properties of internal nickel titanium (NiTiNOL) element, the DynaNail device sustains compression across the joint like an external fixator.

Compression across the joint not only ensures the joint bones remain in close apposition, but also promotes healing, claims the company.

DynaNail team leader Jeremy Blair said traditional nails lose compression upon hardware removal or require follow-up procedures to re-apply compression.

"NiTiNOL gives DynaNail ‘shape memory’ so that it can automatically transform and adapt to bone resorption minimizing the need for follow-up procedures," Blair added.

In addition, as the device received the US Food and Drug Administration’s 510(k) approval, the product was used in ankle arthrodesis surgery, which was conducted at Valley West Community Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, US.

MedShape co-founder and Valley West Community Hospital physician Doug Pacaccio said as the DynaNail is inserted like traditional IM nails, it reduces operating time significantly.

"I believe many podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons will recognize the benefits of the DynaNail device and will incorporate it in their ankle fusion procedures."