MedShape, a provider of shape memory orthopedic devices, has introduced the ExoShape Soft Tissue Fastener device in the US.

The ExoShape Soft Tissue Fastener is a two-part PEEK Altera interference fixation device which improves soft tissue graft fixation during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructive surgery.

The company said the ExoShapeSoft Tissue Fastener’s deployment gun aids in full expansion of the PEEK Altera shape memory sheath without rotational motion, thus preserves surgeon’s desired graft bundle orientation.

The use of MedShape’s proprietary PEEK Altera shape memory polymer enables the sheath to be pre-compressed to a low profile for easy insertion and then fully expanded for effective graft-to-tunnel compression and secure graft fixation.

MedShape president and CEO Kurt Jacobus said they believe that the ExoShape Soft Tissue Fastener will fulfill their promise to surgeons to deliver an effective and easy-to-use tibial soft tissue fixation system.