US-based surgical products company Medrobotics has introduced Flex Retractor in the US and Europe.


The Flex Retractor has been developed for use in transoral surgeries, including robotic and laser microsurgery procedures.

The axial tongue blade rotation capability of Flex Retractor helps surgeons to create better exposure in certain procedures involving the base of tongue.

Medrobotics medical advisory board co-chair Marshall Strome said the Flex Retractor is a significant advance for transoral surgery.

"With its unique adjustability and ease of use, the Flex Retractor offers head and neck surgeons the confidence that they can efficiently achieve the exposure that they need for advanced transoral procedures," Strome added.

The company has secured CE mark approval for the Flex Retractor, which allows in distributing the product in European Union.

To distribute the product in the US, the company has met all applicable FDA requirements. The class I device is being exempted from FDA’s premarket notification process.

Medrobotics produces computer-assisted platform Flex System, which allows surgeons with single-site access and visualization of hard-to-reach anatomical locations.

Image: Flex Retractor is fully adjustable for optimal exposure in more patients with its low profile and lightweight design. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.