Med-Rite Labs' Hemor-Rite has launched FDA-approved drug-free hemorrhoid treatment device.

Med-Rite said that the pain relief therapy is delivered by an FDA designated, Class II medical device, using cryotherapy (cold therapy), that reduces the internal and external swelling of the hemorrhoidal tissue.

Hemor-Rite Cryotherapy is an anatomically designed device for applying cryotherapy directly to the swollen hemorrhoidal veins of the external hemorrhoids and the internal hemorrhoids within the rectal cavity.

According to Med-Rite said, the cryotherapy device can be used for 8 minutes and delivers up to 10 hours of hemorrhoid relief, making it the most effective non-surgical treatment available on the market for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Med-Rite R&D vice president Frank Melendez said that Med-Rite Labs’ research and development has resulted in the most effective and innovative treatment available in the market for hemorrhoid relief.